Friday Night Cranks Crew

Friday Night Cranks originally started with 3 crew members: Jared McMullin, Kristin Cioffi, and Joe Cioffi.
Lyndon Dueck became their site designer and "integrator."

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Jared McMullin, (Feb. 2007-present) more commonly known as Jared McAwesome, is the "Owner and Host" of Friday Night Cranks. Jared now does most of the streaming and takes care of the technical applications during and outside of the show, such as editing the videos that are posted on YouTube and in the "Downloads" section in FNC PRO. He is also one of the two current main "crankers" on the show. To clear things up, Kristin and Joe are Jared's cousins.

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Kristin Cioffi, (Feb. 2007-present) more commonly known as Kristin Rose, is who you would call the "Sweetheart" of Friday Night Cranks. Kristin is the Co-Host to Jared on the show, and posts motivational "tweets" on the social networking website of Twitter. She also posted "Kristin's Lessons of the Day" during 2010. Kristin is one of the two current main "crankers" on the show. To clear things up, Jared is Kristin's cousin and Joe is her brother.

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Joe Cioffi, (Feb. 2007-Dec. 2010) more commonly known as Joe the Camera Guy, is a former member of the Friday Night Cranks crew. Joe recently left Friday Night Cranks to finish High School, College, and his music hobbies. When the show was just beginning, he did nearly everything technical, from the camera to the audio to dialing the numbers. Just to clear things up, Jared is Joe's cousin and Kristin is his sister. The following is a blog post from Jared and Kristin:

"Although this may not come as a surprise to many of you, As of early December Joe (The Camera Guy) has decided to leave Friday Night Cranks. He has chosen to focus on finishing high school, college and his music hobbies. We totally support his decision and wish him nothing but the best!
However Friday Night Cranks has (and will) continue on with all of our projects. We have been doing the shows without Joe for a few months now, and just have been waiting for the right time to announce it to everyone officially.
We have equally taken over the tech responsibilities of the show, and are extremely excited to keep hosting Friday Night Cranks. We have a few awesome projects coming up and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!
Love you all,
Jared & Kristin"

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Lyndon Dueck (Dec. 2010-present) is the web designer for Friday Night Cranks. One of his most important and successful projects for Friday Night Cranks was the integration of FNC PRO. Once the long-awaited email system was integrated by Lyndon, he made this post:

"The wait is finally over ladies and gentlemen. After weeks of blood, sweat and tears, painless hours coding, and me almost breaking into tears, the Email System is Finally Complete.

I literally spent the whole show tonight, and hours before that coding it. But it is worth it because it is amazing.

All you have to do is Click Email at the top and you will get your email address. DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR USERNAME FIRST.

It will automatically take your Display Name and convert it to an SEO friendly version. So if your name was "Lyndon Test" your email would become

It will also take your Display name and use that as your name to send emails with. This is all automatic.

If you have any questions, let me know. If you encounter an error or something, open up a ticket. Thanks

And ENJOY the email system."